Sash Windows Repairs and Renovation Services Ireland


Restart your windows.

We make sash windows beautiful, and make them work well.

Repairing, reinstating or any other maintenance – we offer a complete service of sash windows care. Whether you need to renovate old sash windows or get something new – we are here to help you.


Benefits of a proper sash windows repair and conservation are  very considerable.

  • You can expect:
  • heating costs reduction
  • draught reduction
  • dust reduction
  • rattle reduction
  • noise reduction

What it does not reduce at all, is the noble look of your sash window and the comfort of living while whole restoration process. We respect both historic items and their modern owners.

Feel free to ask us via phone or mail, and learn any detail you need to make a good decision.

In Dublin Windows, you are welcome any time!


Revelation in renovation.

There are plenty of good things to do – to your sash windows.

Dublin Windows stands not only for renovation; we are familiar with modern technology and carpentry, too. Apart from making your old sash windows like new – you can simply get new ones. It may be an unbeatable option, when you take into consideration comfort and reliability.

Re-window your house

Reduce: rattle, draught, noise and heating costs.

It is this and much more, that comes with a properly made sash windows service. It is this and much more what we want to offer you.

When in constant use, wooden sash windows are a pleasure to live with. It may not be so pleasant, when the age starts to make its mark on them. This is when we come and bring a full restoration service which can transform your sash windows into a state of excellence again.

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