Tilt and Turn Windows Dublin

Tilt and Turn windows allow for the supply of fresh air to rooms, which is not just a matter of indoor comfort, it is also extremely important from a health perspective. Proper ventilation allows for the right microclimate, temperature level and relative humidity to be maintained. Windows must therefore not restrict the flow of fresh air. Multi-position sash tilting is an excellent way to regulate the volume and control of airflow. You can let as much air into the house as you need.

Tilt and Turn Windows, Dublin – What We Offer

We offer a wide range of options and can accommodate nearly any design. You may choose from different configurations, fittings, glazing units, insulated timber panels and a wide variety of profiles.

Our wooden tilt and turn windows benefit from exceptional thermal performance as standard with an A-rated option available as well as leading brand warranties.

We provide a comprehensive range of glazing options that can be customised for specific applications. We also have a variety of options to suit any special requirements such as:

  • Toughened Safety Glass: Toughening process increases strength and safety.
  • Laminated Security Glass: This provides additional security over a toughened unit.
  • Acoustic Glass: Furthers an existing high level of sound insulation by using a specialist laminate and thicker glass.
  • Solar Control Glass: Regulates the level of heat let in from the sun according to the building’s requirements.

Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows – Standard Construction

  • We offer custom-made tilt and turn windows, taking into account all parameters and dimensions of where the window will be installed. The combination of tilt and turn functions in one model provides great convenience and functionality, making this model the most popular type of window we offer.
  • The windows can be fitted with an additional stabiliser to prevent the sash from slamming shut in a draught. Our reach is not limited to Dublin and the surrounding area. Anyone can benefit from this offer.
  • The Tilt and Turn windows we manufacture are based on the Europrofile 68 (68mm x 82mm glued wooden window profile). The advantage of this model is the promise of a long life without any major malfunction. It is one of the most innovative and flexible contemporary window options. Significant benefits include ease of cleaning and maintenance as well as the possibility of leaving the sash in the tilt position or leaving a small gap to enable airflow.

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