Tilt and turn windows

Tilt and turn windowsThe tilt and turn windows we manufacture are based on the 68mmx82mm glued wooden window profile – Europrofile 68. The advantage is a long life without any malfunction. It is one of the newest and best window construction achievements. The salient characteristics here are easy cleaning and maintenance of the whole window and the possibility of leaving the sash in the tilt position or leaving a small gap to enable airflow.

We offer a wide range of options and can accommodate nearly any design. Choose from different configurations, fittings, glazing units, insulated timber panels and a wide range of profiles. Our wooden tilt and turn windows benefit from exceptional thermal performance as standard with an A rated option available as well as marketing leading warranties.

We provide a comprehensive range of glazing options which can be customized for specific applications. We also have a wide range of options to suit any special requirements you may have including:
  • Toughened Safety Glass: Toughening process increases strength and safety.
  • Laminated Security Glass: Laminate provides additional security over a toughened unit.
  • Acoustic Glass: Increases already high level of sound insulation using specialist laminates and thicker glass.
  • Solar Control Glass: Allows the heat gain from the sun to be matched to the requirements of a building.

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