Sash Windows Specialists in Dublin, Ireland

We offer a beautiful range of new sash windows in several finishes and designs to suit the unique preferences and requirements of every customer.

Our sash windows are available with traditional cords and weights or chains and weights or in more contemporary profiles with spiral balances.

What Are Sash Windows?

A typical sash window is a suspended window consisting of one or more movable and glazed panels. The whole structure comprises not only the sash with the glass, but also the frame on the sides. The frame contains weights and springs to make it easier to change the position of the sash. It is very common to find windows with panes of glass separated by thin slats. These are called muntins and give the construction a more classic look.

How Do Sash Windows Work?

The term sash window describes a type of window in which the glass panes are opened by sliding them horizontally or vertically.

There are two types of sash windows:

  1. Sliding Sash
  2. Sash and Case – the mechanism is connected to the sash by a special case.

Sash Windows Ireland – What We Offer

Based in Dublin, Ireland. We manufacture top-of-the-range sliding sash windows with frames made from high-quality timber (both softwood and hardwood). Where possible, we use materials that have the least impact on the environment. The sashes are manufactured with the utmost care in traditional styles to suit various historic buildings. Our windows are crafted to meet the latest contemporary standards to ensure tightness and security. By choosing sash windows from Dublin Windows, your property will bridge the gap between old-world charm and state-of-the-art modern functionality.

Advantages of Sash Windows

Sash Windows Ireland – your partner for solid windows. Sash windows have several undeniable advantages.

  • Unrestricted interior design possibilities – this type of construction does not require additional space for the sash to move inwards, as is the case with standard European windows.
  • No Interference with Window Sill – with sliding sash windows, you don’t have to worry about putting an object on the inner window sill and having to move it every time you open the window.


We have found that the most popular timber is pine but we also offer other softwoods and hardwoods including meranti, accoya, mahogany and oak for our new window installations and original sash window repairs.

To strengthen the construction of the frames, we use multi-layer laminated and finger-joined engineered timber.

For all stain finishes, we only use clear face wood. We are highly selective when it comes to the materials we use and our timber is always free from knots and any other defects.

To ensure longevity, our wood is always treated with an environmentally friendly water-soluble preservative. It is then polished and sprayed several times. The finish achieved by these methods is of the highest quality.

Cords and Weights / Chain and Weights

The cords or chains and weights windows are particularly suited to comply with strict conservation requirements. The sashes have a traditional decorative mound all around. The glazing beads and glazing bars are made to match the profile very closely.

We offer double glazing as standard but we can also install single-glazed windows with traditional putty.

The horn shape on the top sash emphasises the classical design of the window and while retaining an old-world elegance from bygone eras, the performance is very smooth and these windows are very tight and secure.

Spiral Balances

While spiral balances are less traditional, they are still available with a classical mount or square-shaped profile. Why not make a modern sliding window and choose original glazing beads and glazing bars? You can fully customise your window while balancing a traditional style with modern functionality. The operation and weather performance of our spiral balance windows are markedly superior.

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