Sash windows Ireland, Dublin


Sash windowsOur sash windows are available with many options and designs to suit the needs of our customers. There are traditional sash windows with cords and weights / chain and weights, or more contemporary profiles with spiral balances.


The most popular timber is Pine, but we also offer other softwoods and hardwoods including Meranti, Accoya, Mahogany and Oak for our new windows and sash windows repair. To strengthen the construction of the frames, we use multi layer laminated and finger-joined engineered wood. However, for all stain colours we offer clear face wood. Our timber is always free from knots and any other defects. It is impregnated in an environmentally friendly water-soluble preservative,

then polished and sprayed several times. The finish achieved by these methods is of the highest quality.

Cords & Weights / Chain & Weights

The cords & weights or chain & weights window is particularly suited to comply with strict conservation area requirements. The sashes have a traditional decorative mound all around. The glazing beads and glazing bars are made to match that profile very closely. As a standard we offer double-glazing but single glazing even with traditional putty is available. The horn shape on the top sash emphasizes the classical appearance of the window. Despite such non-contemporary design, the performance is very smooth and the windows are secure and tight.

Spiral balances

Less traditional but still available with classical mound or square shape profile. Why not make a modern sliding window and choose original glazing beads and glazing bars? You can make this window unique but keep the balance between traditional functions and modern look. Operation of the balances and weather performance of such a unit is markedly superior.

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