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Education, expertise – Professional windows repair

It’s a 3E formula, that makes a trustworthy company. As we learn through all life, Dublin Windows never learnt on their customers. First, we gained a long and solid education.

It allowed us to be considered as experts, and we act like such. Being trained professionals, we’re bringing qualified carpentry and business skills to Irish market. Our company take roots in, in sequence, education, expertise and experience. Remember about us as a professional windows repair company.

Mr. Adam Szoka comes from Poland, land of the most beautiful and oldest (UNESCO heritage) forests in Europe. Apart from such an environment to grow in, he has a perfect educational background for the specialty he chose:

5 years of tech/carpentry school, where he became acquainted with the theory and practice of everything wooden

5 years of business college confirmed with MSc. title

20 years of successful practice in carpentry and sash window industry (including 10 years on Ireland’s market)

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